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Mental Agility Required to Play Bingo
Mental Agility from Playing Bingo Agility from Playing Bingo

People hardly associate bingo with people in a prime state of fitness (bingo wings didn’t come from nowhere). This is the same with most forms of entertainment within gambling and even videogames, yet despite this stigma studies regularly prove everyone wrong, suggesting that bingo players are amongst some of the mental elite of their age group, so you should stop picking on them.
Mental Arithmetic
This study was done specifically on older generations, but found that people who did play bingo were much more mentally alert in terms of reaction speed, mental arithmetic and accuracy. This is good news for the millions of people who play bingo in the UK, particularly the older ones amongst that bunch.
This is thought to be down to the quick number-recalling skills needed during a game and the rapid hand-eye coordination required to mark off the numbers that come up. Other games such as backgammon and chess don’t have the same effect on training the game as bingo due to their slower time constraints.
Mental Training in gaming
The realisation that games can be really mentally tasking is becoming more widely accepted at the advancements in video games continue. Originally Tetris was considered the most glucose intensive game for your brain, but now there are games which require much more thought and organisation.
As a sign of their importance in current culture, the US government started recognising esports players as official athletes, capable of attaining an athletes’ visa to gain access the US during tournaments. This is massive news for games like League of Legends, who regularly hold tournament for up to $5,000,000 in cash to the winners.
At the moment it’s quite difficult to justify you’re playing esports professionally and it’s only recognised for a number of games, yet this is the first year of implementation, so we can expect improvement in the near future.
Mental health for older generations
The increase is mental agility for older people is especially important because it can help prevents negative mental affects such as depression. It hasn’t been proved yet, but there are also constant tests to try and see if playing games can reduce the appearance of things like Alzheimer’s and Dementia in older people. SO far they’ve only been able to show that depression is less likely, but hopes are still high for more positive signs.
Finding the right bingo website
There are so many bingo websites out here that it can be difficult to pick the right one for you. If you prefer the social element of the game then it may be best to signup to play bingo at a webcam bingo website, so you can attach your webcam to the chat feature and feel like you’re in a real bingo room with all the other players.